I attended the group sound therapy at Playful Soul and this was a truly amazing experience. I felt safely embraced by the sounds and vibrations. I was in a deep relaxation state and afterwards felt a sense of happiness. This experience was so enjoyable that I signed up for one-on-one sessions. Robert is passionate about what he does and loves to help people. He provides a welcoming safe setting at his Zen room and he is very accommodating. He took extra time to explain the different tools and instruments. I highly recommend Sound Healing therapies. This helps to restore harmony and balance in one\’s body so that healing may occur. Thank you, Robert, for bringing me such joyful experience. ~Karen

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  1. Robert Gough Post author

    Karen, It was wonderful to meet you. I’m so glad you are there to support Dolores. I love seeing your smile as you experience the sound vibrations and my explanations on how the sound helps your body heal. See you at the next sound journey. ~Robert

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