Client Reviews

It is rare to discover an event as special, healing and soulfully awakening as the sound bath I experienced at the playful soul. I’ve been on a spiritual path for 15 years, first awakening through oneness university India and I have experienced many different healings though breath work, soul and mindful meditation. However, I can say I have happily discovered the most joyful experience and soul journey by attending Robert and Marti’s sound bath. Roberts open heart and intention is felt in your essence with every note. This experience helped my healing process through brilliant visions and feelings of being back in tune. I’m so impressed with Roberts attention to geometric placement of each client in the space in order for each soul’s highest and best experience. The experience cannot be described in words it can only be felt. No matter where you are on your path to discovery of self in your spiritual journey, you will find just an hour bathed in this beautiful sound experience will help you climb many years of the journey going up 🙂 some look All over the world and travel for something as special as this. I am so happy I found it so close to home. Experience something truly magical and schedule a time to vibrate at your highest possible vibration. ~Chris

This has been a very profound, invigorating and amazing experience. I enjoyed the group session so much that I also signed up for one on one sessions. I was impressed and amazed how much better I felt after the sound healing session and using the PEMF mat at the Zen room. I had been feeling tightness and stiffness in my arm from scar tissues and after the one on one session I felt so much better and have more mobility with less stiffness. Robert makes you feel welcome and he’s very accommodating. This has been a truly unique experience with health benefits. I rate this experience a five stars and recommend it to anybody that wants to experience something special. Thank you! ~Dolores

I attended the group sound therapy at Playful Soul and this was a truly amazing experience. I felt safely embraced by the sounds and vibrations. I was in a deep relaxation state and afterwards felt a sense of happiness. This experience was so enjoyable that I signed up for one-on-one sessions. Robert is passionate about what he does and loves to help people. He provides a welcoming safe setting at his Zen room and he is very accommodating. He took extra time to explain the different tools and instruments. I highly recommend Sound Healing therapies. This helps to restore harmony and balance in one\’s body so that healing may occur. Thank you, Robert, for bringing me such joyful experience. ~Karen

I attended your group healing session last Sunday at The Playful Soul. I found the experience amazing. Thank you for the wonderful experience. ~Jerry F.

I felt calm and relaxed, intrigued by the various sounds. Felt I was in Asia somewhere and wondering if they feel this way. Gravitated to the throat chakra. ~ Amy